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Why Losing Weight Fast is not a Good Idea

Have you ever wanted to lose weight within a week or two so that you can look good for an upcoming event? While you may really want to look good or fit into a dress or pair of pants, it is highly recommended to not lose weight quickly. There are multiple reasons why it is suggested against and they mainly focus on your health.

First, consider that when you lose weight fast you lose the ability to work to lose just fat. So, when you lose weight fast you lose muscle along with fat. Muscle is crucial in weight loss as muscle burns fat. Without muscle, you lose less fat, which is the weight that ideally you want to lose. Since muscle promotes fat burning, it helps promote your metabolism. If losing weight fast means losing more muscle that means slowing down your metabolism. In the long run, this translates into gaining more weight in the future.

The other reason why fast weight loss is not good is because it typically occurs through crash diets. This means that people drastically decrease their calorie intake, by either skipping meals or not eating at all. While you might get fast results, what is actually happening in your body is not a pretty picture. Muscle and water weight are the first to go when you skip meals, not your fat. Fat stores are spared as a last source of energy for your body.

This type of weight loss is sometimes referred to as yo-yo dieting, or losing weight then gaining it back and cycling through that. It definitely is a process that is inefficient and unproductive; however, it is more-so damaging to your body. A body is always striving to achieve homeostasis (or a constant status). Crash dieting and yo-yo dieting prevent this from happening. Thus, while you’re losing weight and forcing your body to lose weight, it is constantly fighting against your efforts. This causes stress on the body and strain on your different bodily systems.

If you are still unsure of whether crash diets are a good idea, think about what you would prefer, to lose weight in the short term and possibly gain it back or to lose weight in a way to ensure your overall health. You’re response to this question will help you determine what type of diet and weight loss plan you engage in.

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2 Responses to “Why Losing Weight Fast is not a Good Idea”

  1. daisy101 says:

    Dieting is honestly worthless. What happens when you go off the diet? You gain the weight back and then some. What if you made a lifestyle change. Minimized sugar, processed and fried food and stuck with fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Your body would function as meant to be. Your energy would increase and your body wouldn't attempt to feed on your muscle tissue as it can do in crash diets. I saw your answer to the twinkie question; you really do know better, don't you?

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  2. weightloss Master says:

    Calorie Intake to Lose Weight is a Fact

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