30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day Eleven

Stacey Kay over at Goodwill Huntingg recently began a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. We’re going to be following her progress here at Health Courage. If you have any questions – or suggestions – leave a comment below and let us know. Whether you are starting your own 30 day weight loss challenge or you have a great way for people to lose weight quickly and safely, we want to hear from you. Here at Health Courage, we care about your opinion and want you to become involved with the website!

Check out Day Eleven of my diet and exercise weight loss challenge. So far I have lost 1.5 lbs.

Starting weight: 169
Current weight: 167.5
Height: 5’7″


Eating healthy when you are single can be a bit of a challenge, but if you keep a few basic foods on hand, you can prepare quick healthy meals and snacks. Here are just a few of the types of foods that are good to keep on hand if you want to eat healthy. With these few essential items, you can create quick easy healthy meals for one.

Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

  • Cooked turkey breast, or ham
  • Crackers (high quality whole grain crackers)
  • Cheese (real cheese in a chunk)
  • Low fat milk
  • Eggs
  • Low fat sour cream
  • A couple quality light dressings with olive oil
  • Fresh fruit
  • Crisp  salad veggies
  • Frozen chicken breasts

Shopping more frequently for a just a few fresh items will prevent waste and spoilage. Try shopping at a local farmers market that sells individual fruits and veggies, (so you do not buy too many ahead of time.)

You should also try to find a nice local market for meats and dairy. By keeping some individually frozen meats on hand, you can quick thaw and toss them on the grill (indoor counter top grills work great) and just that easy, you will have fresh, healthy meals.

In thinking of other ways to lose weight other than food intake you first think of physical activity. To prevent injuries during exercise, your body needs to stay hydrated.

By lowering your caloric intake and increasing water consumption and physical activity you are sure to lose weight. It will not be easy but the hard will pay off. Ultimately, you will feel that you have more energy, will feel better about yourself, and will then make healthier choices to maintain the positive feeling.

Losing weight is more than losing weight. It leads to a lifestyle change not just with behavior but on a psychological and emotional level as well.

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One Response to “30 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day Eleven”

  1. black57 says:

    I've got an idea… I did this as a fundraiser, but maybe you could do it as incentive…

    My fundraiser was that I gave out $5 to each employee (total of 300 employees) and told them to use the $5 to fundraise more money. All funds raised went towards Habitat for Humanity. Some people pulled their money together and sold smoothies with their funds, some challenged their friends and neighbors, some just gave the money back… In total though, they earned just over $35,000!

    So… my thought is something to the same effect. You give them $10 to combine into an activity that might be weight loss related or they do it separately. They themselves might get creative on you.

    Maybe you divide them up into teams and make a challenge?

    I work for a library and we do a weight loss challenge every January. People sign up and we give them a water bottle for sign up and then for coming to each of our programs they get to sign up for extra prizes. Prizes include a private yoga session, gift certificates to buy the new wardrobe, books, workout DVDs, gym memberships, weight watcher certificates, etc.

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