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5 Ways to Bring Back Your Energy

Do you constantly battle staying awake at work? Do you find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open and focus on your computer screen? No matter how you spend your day, drowsiness can hamper your productivity. If it has become a regular pattern, you may need to change a few aspects of your lifestyle. Here are 5 tips to help you stay alert throughout the day.

1. Schedule Your Sleep

If you don’t consciously block out a specific time slot for sleep, your sleep “pattern” will be sporadic at best. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to get the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis, you may want to rethink a few commitments. If you procrastinate, you may end up saving projects until right before bedtime, which can cause them to take longer than if you tackled them in the daytime.

2. Don’t Nap

Avoid daytime sleep if at all possible. In some cases, a 20-minute power nap may be appropriate or even helpful, but this should not become a habit. If you nap, it could become harder to fall asleep at night and throw off your sleep schedule. Nighttime sleep is the most effective and important, since your body can take care of a lot of internal activities during that one long stretch of time. If you simply must take a nap, schedule it for earlier in the day.

3. Wake Up at a Consistent Time

You may not feel like getting up at a decent hour on your day off, but waking up at approximately the same time each day is a good way to get your body on a consistent (and therefore effective) sleep schedule. Your body may not adapt to this pattern right away, but with persistence, your body will begin to fall asleep around the same time every night as a result. This means less chance of insomnia and a simple rhythm to help keep your sleep schedule on track.

4. Eat Good Food

Healthy and consistent mealtimes can actually give you energy throughout the day and help regulate your body’s sleep rhythm as well. Try to avoid eating within 2 hours of bedtime, though, because the body can’t effectively go through the initial digestion process and drop into a deep sleep at the same time. Keep drinking water, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your system fresh.

5. Get Some Exercise

Exercise gives you energy and helps you stay focused during the day. Additionally, if you wear yourself out exercising, you will probably sleep deeply to recover! A good goal is to aim for at least 30 minutes most days of vigorous physical activity. This could include anything from sweating at the gym to taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood.

You don’t have to rely on expensive energy drinks or frequent breaks in order to eliminate drowsiness and maintain productivity throughout your day. Whether your sleep schedule has gotten out of control or you’re just plain tired all the time, these 5 tips will help you enjoy life more fully and be more productive throughout the day.

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