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Requirements Needed to Obtain Your Cosmetology License

There are two main requirements needed to obtain your cosmetology license. First, you must attend and graduate from an accredited cosmetology school and then, after graduating from cosmetology school, you must take and pass the cosmetology state board test to become a licensed cosmetologist.cohdra100_1421 (Mobile)To graduate from cosmetology school, and move on to the second and last step, there certain requirements that you need to meet. The following are requirements you will need to meet to graduate from cosmetology school.

Obtain the amount of required hours

This requirement varies from state to state, but most state require that you complete    between 1500 and 2000 hour in cosmetology school to graduate.

Pass your written and practical test given by your cosmetology school

After you complete your hours in cosmetology school, you will be tested the     information you learned throughout school. The test you will be given will be in two    parts. The first part is a written exam, testing your cosmetology theory knowledge.    The second part will be a practical exam, testing your physical cosmetology skills.    To graduate, you must pass both.

Once you have met these requirements, you will be ready to move on to step two: passing the cosmetology state board test. This test is given and regulated by the state, and is similar to the test you have to take to graduate cosmetology school.  Like your cosmetology school exam, the state board test will have two different portions: a written portion and a practical portion.

The written portion of the exam will be taken directly from the information you learned in your cosmetology theory class and from your cosmetology book.  This exam will focus on information pertaining to infectious disease, client safety and technical cosmetology knowledge.

After you pass the written test, you will be able to take cosmetology state board practical exam. This exam focuses on the following subjects: client safety, hair cutting and styling and hair chemical services. Do not overlook the importance of client safety during this exam. Much of your grade for the practical exam is based upon using the proper client safety procedures.

After completing these two steps, you will a licensed cosmetologist and ready to start your career in the  exciting field of cosmetology.

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