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Burn Fat Fast: Fat Burning Foods List

If you are like me, when it comes to food  chances are you love to eat. I love to eat just about anything, and that can sometimes get me in trouble. A friend once asked me to compile a list of foods that he should not eat so he could burn fat fast. I told him, “That list would go on forever, how about I make you a list of fat burning foods?” After all the work and research was done, we created the ultimate fat burning foods list so that you can burn fat fast.

Fat Burning Foods List Part 1 – Vegetables

Broccoli – Believe it or not, broccoli can be considered a “super food.” The oddly shaped vegetable is loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and about ten others. Broccoli provides the body with the energy it needs to maintain itself. It can also give you that full feeling to prevent overeating. Broccoli also contains a substance that lowers estrogen production. This allows for muscle to be built and ultimately for fat to be burned.

Hot Peppers  – Do not be afraid to spice your meals up with some hot or chili peppers. Peppers contain capsaicin, a known metabolism booster that will help melt that fat away. Hot peppers also reduce appetite, which can decrease the chances of overeating.

Beans – The third and final fat burning vegetables are beans. There are many types of beans, but all beans have one thing in common: they are loaded with protein. Protein takes up to nine hours to digest, which uses more energy. Where does your body get that energy? It burns fat!

Fat Burning Foods List Part 2 – Fruits

Apples – When it comes to dieting and burning fat fast, eating an apple every day is a must. Apples contain a large portion of your daily Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron Phosphorus and daily fiber intake. The fiber in an apple will make you feel full, which can prevent you from overeating. While some people are concerned about the fairly high sugar content in apples, the sugar found in apples is a natural complex sugar and will easily be burned off throughout the day.

Strawberries – Strawberries are very similar in content to apples. They both contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and many other nutrients. They both also have a substance called pectin in them. Pectin reduces the amount of fat body cells can absorb, which  leads to less fat deposits in the body. Strawberries contain a large amount of pectin and a few strawberries a day can help burn off the extra fat.

Pineapple – Toxins can accumulate in our body and slow down our body’s functions, including our metabolism. We need to flush out these toxins and for that, pineapple does the job nicely. Pineapples contain bromelain, which breaks down toxins and blood clotting proteins in the blood stream. This allows for proper circulation during exercise and thus allows more calories to be burned.

Fat Burning Foods List Part 3 – Meat & Fish

Chicken Breast – Chicken meat is one of the best foods to eat everyday to burn fat fast. One chicken breast can provide much of the daily portion of protein needed for the body to maintain itself. The key here is to eat chicken breasts. Chick legs and wings contain a lot of saturated fats but chicken breast is very lean and will boost your metabolism.

Salmon – Salmon is a major fat burner. Salmon has Omega 3, the healthy fats, as well as nutrients that control both metabolism and cravings. If that wasn’t good enough, salmon also has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.

Tuna – The final food in the meat and fish section is tuna. Like salmon, tuna is loaded with omega 3 and other metabolism boosters. Tuna consists mostly of slow digesting proteins, which will take longer to digest but can help you burn more calories.

Fat Burning Foods List Part 4 – Nuts

Peanuts – Researches from Purdue University found in a recent study that individuals who added 500 calories of peanuts per day into their diet experienced no weight gain after three weeks. They concluded that because of the high volume of protein and good fats, the body was simply using the nutrients from the peanuts to build muscle. They actually found that some individuals lost a pound or two and that the levels of fat in the bloodstream were reduced. Peanuts can also prevent overeating and let you “feel full” longer.

Almonds – Like peanuts, almonds are packed with protein and fiber, which can prevent overeating. Almonds have also been found to temporarily supercharge your metabolism to burn more calories and  fat. They also contain a small amount of complex carbohydrates that take up to 24 hours to fully digest. This means your body has to work much harder to digest the almonds, which can increase the amount of calories burned.

Fat Burning Foods List Part 5 – The Rest

Green Tea – Green tea is the ultimate fat burning beverage known to man. Green tea has been found to increase your metabolism for a long period of time, leading to more calories and fat being burned. Researches have also found that green tea will force your body into thermogenesis. This is when your body creates energy by burning fat. Green tea also restricts sugar from entering fat cells. Overall, it is a major fat burning source that can literally melt pounds away in a short amount of time.

Red Wine – Red wine contains resveratrol, a substance known to keep fat from accumulating. It also has been found that resveratrol can prevent pre-fat cells from becoming mature fat cells that accumulate around our stomach and legs.

Best Fat Burning Foods?

There is one common element between all these foods that should be noted.  The sugars in the foods listed are natural sugars, not processed sugars. Processed sugar is sugar that is going to be stored as fat and can increase blood sugar levels to dangerous heights.

Also, many of these foods contain “good fats,” which replace bad fats in your body by remove them. Adding just one or two of these foods to your diet every day will burn fat fast, allowing you to look and feel slimmer.

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