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Healthy Fast Food Choices for Breakfast?

While it would be nice to be served a healthy and yummy breakfast in bed every morning, this is not the life that most of us lead. While it easy to pull through the drive-through at McDonalds, Burger King or even Dunkin Donuts, these may not be the healthiest fast food choices for breakfast. While avoiding fast food is generally a good thing, you can be smarter about it if you decide to splurge once or twice a week.

Having  healthy fast food breakfast choices isn’t an illusion anymore! Think about it, you will find some fast foods that may fulfill your everyday nutrition requirements, but are they the healthiest way to feed your body?

Finding the best fast food breakfast choices that are healthy means discovering quick to prepare foods which are high in fibers and proteins and contain less saturated fats, sugar and salts than most breakfast items you get at fast food places.

If you would like to avoid getting stuck with the McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast which will set you back over 1200 calories or more, you should discover some healthy quick food breakfast alternatives. As opposed to going for the combo meal, make an assorted order, and order extra only when you’re really hungry.  While breakfast is an important meal, you don’t want to go overboard with food that isn’t going to be very nutritional.

Pick a whole-wheat or whole-grain bagel and top it with 1 slice of reduced-fat cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato slices, a sliced hard-boiled egg as well as a dash of salt and pepper and you have got your self a healthy, quick fast food breakfast alternative filled with nutrients and entire grains. Some people, like my brother, just aren’t going to give up fast food completely, which is a shame. For them, you need to have other alternatives that are easy to make and taste great.

Your beverage needs to be water or juice or milk. Take water in a vessel and keep it on a medium flame for heating. Smoothies could be pretty healthy and extremely filling – but avoid those made with ice cream, whole milk or cream, nuts or peanut butter.

FIT TIP: Don’t be fooled by the biscuits! While they may seem a healthy choice, the high carbs in addition to the sausage, cheese and eggs may not be the best for your stomach or your overall health if you eat too many of them.

These suggestions should assist you a whole lot in regularly eating healthy breakfast foods. Stay away from fast food that’s high on fat, sugar and salt. This is certainly hard to do, but many places are offering healthier alternatives these days. Subway is also serving breakfast now, which can sometimes give you healthier options when you’re on the go.

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  1. EvilJade says:

    Ok, well I better post this now, while I have a small break at work (damn those surprise audits) Last night, I was talking to my boyfriend about trying to lose weight, and all he said was, “put up or shut up” So I plan on actually putting up this time. I have a notebook keeping record of all my measurements, weight (160.8), and BMI (25.5). I will also keep this like an actual journal noting times I eat, what I eat, how I’m feeling, any stressors in my life, etc. My 90Day Goal is to get to 145 Lbs. which would be a 15 pound loss. I figure this is good of 1.25 lbs per week (making it some safe loss) and making it attainable as well. Food: I am just sticking with eating healthy and fresh foods. I am very frugal, so I eat in, therefore I can watch what goes into my food. I can’t do a specific diet (keto, low carb) because of health reasons. So I am just focusing on eating less meat, and more vegetables. I already eat a TON of fresh fruit, so I actually want to focus on eating less of that and more veggies Exercise: I will rotate between Swimming, Running, and Biking. I also will do the 100 crunch challenge and do resistance exercises for toning. I do have a pull up bar which will be used once it gets reinstalled. Currently everyday I walk about 4 miles (to get to and back from work). Daily goals: Drink only water, Eat healthy, move for at least 30 minutes in anything, Avoid Cheese & Laffy Taffy (It’s basically my weak spot) Weekly Goals: Weight/measure every Sunday, Lose 1.25 pounds, Limit my eating out, limit my drinking to only 1 or so drinks and keep it light (aka, no binging) Monthly Goals: Lose about 5 lbs per month, eat healthy, stay positive 90 Day goal: Lose 15 pounds, drop 1 size (hopefully), and get in the “Healthy range” for my BMI, cut down extensively on meat consumption Long term goal: Reach 135 Lbs. Have a BMI of 22 at the most. Be more confident. And actually be able to say, “I put up, now shut up and listen to me” Today: Doing well. My entire day has been a huge ball of stress, but I have gotten in a bit of walking. Breakfast: 2 eggs. Lunch: Delicious homemade soup (Veggie/Tomato/Couscous) and Carrots. Snack: Peach and granola bar Dinner: Baked chicken, grilled corn (best food ever), fresh tomatos

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  2. Ash_Trinalana says:

    class=” ” Who said eating healthy is too expensive…

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