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Nutritionist or Dietitian: Which is Real?

You might think that a nutritionist sounds like nutrition, which sounds like it deals with food. So, a nutritionist is someone who can advise you on your food intake, regulation, etc. You might also think that a dietitian sounds like diet, which also could mean the food you eat. So, a dietitian is someone who […]

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Q&A: Good Tips for Fat Burning Foods?

Question: Good Recommendations to fat burning foods? Any recommendations for fat burning foods would be greatly appreciated! Best answer: There is only one fat burning food. Food usually does not burn much (your body does use energy to break down all foods but it is never a significant amount). While there are foods that certainly […]

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Breast cancer risk calculator updated for Asian-Americans

Researchers have developed a more accurate method for estimating breast cancer risk for Asian and Pacific Islander American (APA) women. Most current risk estimates rely on data from non-Hispanic white women, but researchers have now come up with a statistical model that more specifically assesses risk for American women who identify themselves as Chinese, Japanese, […]

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Best Way to Burn Belly Fat Fast

It seems these days everyone wants to burn belly fat as fast as possible and achieve a more slender body. It’s true that reducing your gut can increase your confidence. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or special potion that can do this for you. The only sure fire way is to burn energy by […]

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Best Fat Burning Foods for Men Over 40

Weight loss and gain continues to be a hot topic and one of the most important things based on society’s views and reoccurring health issues. There is more pressure on women than men to lose the weight but that doesn’t mean that it is any less important for men to drop the pounds. Being overweight […]

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Beauty Tips for Women Over 30

Thirty is no longer over the hill, but at this age, your skin definitely changes as you get older. Following are some practical tips on maintaining that youthful glow.

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Best Fat Burning Foods in 2011

For years now, a lot of people are already becoming very conscious about the food that they are consuming every single day. Because of this, it is no surprise that in 2011, people are still looking for the best fat burning foods that they can consume religiously. The good news is that people will get […]

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