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The Importance of High-Fiber Diets in Preventing Colon Cancer

How High – Fiber Diets help Prevent Colon Cancer The popularity of high fiber diets has steadily increased over the last few years. The health benefits of a high-fiber diet include increasing the bulk in the colon so that excretion passes smoothly. However, the other health benefit is that dietary fiber, the part of the […]

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The Importance of Hydration in Weight Loss

Typically, when discussing weight loss, an individual’s mind automatically thinks of cutting back on calories by decreasing food intake. One aspect of weight loss that does not really cross people’s mind is that of constant hydration. You can hydrate your body through any liquid, including juices, coffee, tea, or power drinks. However, the best way […]

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What is a Dietitian? The Basics

What does it take to become a dietitian? Hard work, passion, and dedication. You might think that because a dietitian does not go through medical school, they are not as good as a doctor. This is completely false. Where a medical doctor learns about everything you can think of regarding the body over 4 years, […]

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Differences between a Nutritionist and Dietitian

Nutritionist or Dietitian: Which to choose to help you understand your health? You might think that a nutritionist sounds like nutrition, which sounds like it deals with food. So, a nutritionist is someone who can advise you on your food intake, regulation, etc. You might also think that a dietitian sounds like diet, which also […]

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Weight Loss Myths and Facts

Diet and weight loss are words that are often used with each other. The two words are actually quite different, but  many educated people confuse the two. A diet is the energy consumed by an individual. A diet can be healthy or unhealthy. Weight loss is when an individual works harder than usually, either lowering […]

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Facts About Vegetarian Diets

Can vegetarians consume healthy diets, even without meat? Let’s start out with the idea of meat being the most important part of a meal/diet. Do many people think this, particularly those who aren’t vegetarians? Yes. Is it the truth? No! Meat is not the most important of a diet, in fact meat is not recommended […]

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